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Ring-Urn black

The ring-urn is a modern urn-collection. Each urn can be customized by adding a memorial ring. When the lid is taken off, the wide ring can be placed round the urn. The colour and material of the ring – for thousands of years the symbol of closeness and loyalty – add a personal touch to the urn. It may serve as a reminder of the deceased's personality or as a means of expression for those left behind. Thus it can reflect emotions and desires as well as hope and dreams.

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Wood is a very popular material for the memorial ring. Depending on the type of wood and the processing, each
ring is unique. Treated or untreated rosewood, walnut,
zebra wood or ash wood – or any other kind of wood may
be selected if so desired. Accordingly there are felt, metal
or acrylic rings. They may be stained, engraved, painted or even kept plain.
Choose your combination!